What is HDD Access


HDD Access now includes the Clinical Care Classification system™

The May 2016 HDD Access software and content releases are now available. We are happy to announce that HDD Access now includes the Clinical Care Classification system™ version 2.5 from Sabacare, Inc. We would like to thank Dr. Virginia Saba, President and CEO of Sabacare, Inc., for her permission and support for this initiative. We hope that this inclusion of CCC in HDD Access helps our users in documenting nursing diagnoses, interventions, actions, and outcomes, and promotes interoperability between various systems that document and use this information.

CCC provides a standardized framework and a unique coding structure for assessing, documenting, and classifying patient care in any health care setting, by nurses and other clinical professionals such as medical social workers and physical, occupational and speech therapists, in electronic health record (EHR), computer-based patient record (CPR), and personal health record (PHR) systems. The CCC system consists of two interrelated terminologies that provide the following content:
Nursing Diagnoses consisting of 176 Concepts (176 Core Diagnoses);
Nursing Interventions/Actions consisting of 804 concepts [201 Core Interventions with 4 Action Types (assess, perform, teach or manage)]; and
Nursing Outcomes consisting of 528 concepts [176 Core Diagnoses with 3 Expected or Actual Outcomes (improved, stabilized or deteriorated)]

The CCC terminologies are classified by 21 Care Components that represent the functional, health behavioral, physiological, and psychological patterns of patient care. CCC is copyrighted by Sabacare, Inc. and is provided to HDD Access users under the terms and conditions specified in the ‘Clinical Care Classification (CCC) - Permission Form’ under HDD Access third-party content licenses.

Welcome To HDD Access

3M, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) jointly present HDD Access, the public version of the 3M™ Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD). Deployed since 1996, the HDD is helping 3M customers manage terminologies used in healthcare and can be integrated with other applications in a seamless manner.

HDD Access will help healthcare providers to accelerate implementation of electronic health records and help healthcare organizations achieve interoperability between disparate systems. HDD Access enables clinical data capture, queries and analytics, and organizes healthcare data to support requirements under meaningful use. It provides the foundation for enhancing healthcare analytics, decision support, and business intelligence.

HDD Access Is Now Available To You For Free!

HDD Access can help you to:

  • Integrate medical terminology standards into your applications
  • Make the data from all your systems semantically interoperable for exchange, analytics, decision support, alerts and reminders
  • Comply with Meaningful Use requirements specified by ONC and CMS
  • Minimize terminology development and maintenance costs
  • Be more efficient and effective in every aspect of your operations where actionable data is needed

Join the HDD Access community – together, we can achieve the vision of using integrated, interoperable and measurable data to improve healthcare for all.

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If you need help implementing HDD Access or professional help with your local or standard terminology content, 3M offers professional products, services and training to get the help you need.

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  • Learn about the 3M HDD, a terminology server with professional support and more than 2 million concepts (compared to about 600,000 concepts in HDD Access).
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