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Turn Data Into Intelligence

How can you turn terabytes of valuable healthcare data into knowledge that can be used to improve patient care, quality, efficiency and costs?

Using the 3M HDD, we start with multiple standard terminologies, map sets and value sets organized into knowledge-based groupings. Then we work with applications and users to leverage this rich content. We provide tools to browse, create, auto-map and integrate local terminologies, leading to customized knowledge pathways that support your specific use cases. Our extensive RESTful web services allow your applications to easily interact with the 3M HDD.

The benefits are improved decision support, meaningful data analytics, simplified data mining and unlimited flexibility.

Use Case: 3M Enhanced NLP

The 3M Enhanced NLP (eNLP) engine uses the 3M HDD as the terminology provider for concept recognition for NLP, as well as downstream applications such as eNLP for Registries, which allows a healthcare orgazation to abstract patient charts efficiently for reporting data to registries such as the American College of Cardiology's Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Registry. The 3M HDD enables faster customization of clinical terminologies as well as quick turn around times in mapping them to standard terminologies.

Learn more about how 3M can help you to turn your data into intelligence.