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Bring Order to Chaos

If each information system in your network operates in stand-alone mode, the answers you need are stranded on data islands.  You could be missing critical opportunities to measure and improve the quality of patient care, analyze resource use, and implement evidence-based medicine.

3M clinical information experts can help you understand the impact of multiple, diverse standard and local terminologies on your clinical systems, clinical data repositories, and electronic health records.  We can also recommend strategies to improve data exchange and semantic interoperability.

Use Case: Large Scale Data Standardization

The Military Health System (MHS) consists of a worldwide network of military hospitals, health clinics, the DoD’s private sector health business partners, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. 3M has been mapping the US Department of Defense (DoD) MHS local codes for over 15 years. 3M has mapped more than a million local codes from the MHS from a wide array of health care data domains including laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology. 3M supports the DoD by providing data mapping from legacy system databases to a common reference set, the 3M HDD. This improved semantic interoperability within the MHS. 

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