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Download HDD Access

You can download HDD Access release packages from here. HDD Access consists of software, terminology content, and information models.

The software and terminology packages should be downloaded separately, and the terminology files should be imported into your local software installation to have your instance of HDD Access up and running. The software requires a relational database and a web server - please see the documentation for detailed requirements.

The downloadable (and online) documentation describes the software and terminology files.

The information models are distributed separately from the software, and they have terminology bindings to the HDD Access terminology content.

What's New

HDD Access May 2016 includes the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System™ version 2.5 from Sabacare, Inc.


Source, binary and installers
Last release: May 2016

Terminology and Documentation

XML and CSV terminology files
PDF documentation
Last release: May 2016

Information Models

Modular templates for capturing clinical information that consist of multiple discrete data elements

If you need additional terminology content that is not included in HDD Access, please see the Content page. Some add-on content packages can be imported into your installation of HDD Access or 3M HDD.

HDD Access software and information models are open source under the Apache License v2. HDD Access terminology files and documentation are publicly available under the HDD Content Download License and third-party content licenses.

Note: 3M HDD customers can download 3M HDD software, content and documentation packages from the 3M software distribution website. Please see the Products page for differences between HDD Access and 3M HDD.