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Teleradiology is the sending of radiological patient images and reports in multiple modalities from one location to another, for the purpose of sharing studies and results with other radiologists and physicians.
The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) organizes a Learning Showcase during the Annual Symposium. Separate from the scientific program, the Learning Showcase allows exhibitors to present the informatics aspects or topics that relate to their products or services, avoiding a marketing or sales focus. In this context, I gave a talk on how…
Recently, I attended the Health Level 7 (HL7) Working Group Meeting in New Orleans for the first time.
The opioid crisis has far reaching and long lasting effects, and the problem is scaling up exponentially.


3M Provides: The 3M HDD - a database built up with software and services to capitalize on your EHR and terminology investments. A revolutionary model for maintaining multiple versions of terminologies, map sets and values sets concurrently. A clinical team with vast knowledge in healthcare informatics. An open source version with basic features,…