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How to contribute to SNOMED CT

Have you been searching for a concept in SNOMED CT only to realize it simply isn’t there, or have you found duplicated concepts that need to be corrected? ConceptOnWood400
SNOMED International, the organization that owns, administers and develops SNOMED CT, would welcome your feedback.
First, you will need to apply for a Confluence User Account if you don’t have one already at https://confluence.ihtsdotools.org/display/ILS/Confluence+User+Accounts. Yes, this page will start with “Most SNOMED International Confluence users do not need accounts”, but you will need to create one to request access to the Content Request Service. After you have an account created, you will be able to log into the US SNOMED CT Content Request Service (USCRS). Once you are logged into USCRS, you will be able to request access to the IHSTDO tool on https://us-request.ihtsdotools.org/. Now you are ready to go!

The Content Request Service Dashboard is very helpful for you to submit and keep track of your requests. There are a few options to submit. You can make individual requests or use the batch template. The batch template makes it easier to identify the required fields. After submission, your request will be reviewed by SNOMED International. The status of your request will be updated as it flows through the process on the Dashboard page. If it is accepted, it will be modeled and released in a future SNOMED CT content release. Or, further clarifications may be needed from you, so please check the status of your request periodically. Here are a few examples:

Change or new concept  SCT ID   SCT Description Request  Resolution 
 Change issue 1  409596002  Non-productive cough (finding) Non-productive cough (finding) is
a duplicate of Dry cough (finding) 
Non-productive cough (finding) was
moved to Dry cough (finding) 
 Change issue 1  11833005  Dry cough (finding)
 Change issue 2  700059003  Neurofibromatosis 3 (disorder) Submitted as duplicates

Neurofibromatosis 3 (disorder)
was inactivated

 Change issue 2  254240003  Neurofibromatosis, type 3 (disorder)
 New  New  Measurement of wound size (procedure) New code Accepted and released


If you have other terminology topics that you’d like us to discuss, or need help with terminology implementation or mapping, please contact us!