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We Make Computers Understand Healthcare

3M can help you to:
  • Integrate medical terminology standards into your applications
  • Make the data from all your systems semantically interoperable for exchange, analytics, decision support, alerts and reminders
  • Comply with quality measures and Meaningful Use requirements specified by ONC and CMS
  • Minimize terminology development and maintenance costs
  • Be more efficient and effective in every aspect of your operations where actionable data is needed


Join us at the FHIR Connectathon at the January 2018 HL7® Working Group Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Watch this page for more information about HDD's FHIR terminology capabilities.

fhirlogo 400

HDD Overview

The 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary (HDD) provides a simplified solution for the translation, standardization and usability of healthcare data. More importantly, it provides knowledge management for clinical decision-making, research, public health, meaningful use, and quality reporting.

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