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Senthil Nachimuthu

Senthil Nachimuthu

Senthil Nachimuthu, MD, PhD, FAMIA
Director – Health Informatics, Data and Analytics
Senthil K. Nachimuthu, MD, PhD, FAMIA, is the Director of Health Informatics, Data and Analytics at 3M Health Information Systems, Inc., where he manages data acquisition, governance, data and computing platforms, and analytics. He is a physician and medical informaticist by training, with doctoral research in clinical predictive and prescriptive analytics. He also leads the research and design of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary terminology server. He has been an elected US representative to the SNOMED CT Technical Committee, and a principal co-author of the HL7 Common Terminology Services version 2 (CTS2) standard. He is also an avid user and contributor to various open source projects, and has served as the Chair of the AMIA Open Source Working Group in the past. His research interests include clinical decision support, predictive analytics, clinical terminologies and ontologies, health care interoperability, epidemiology, and patient safety.

 Fun Facts

In my spare time, I like to: read about food, cook improvised dishes, eat them

Three words that describe me: cogito ergo sum

Top choice for next vacation: Serengeti

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